Employee Discount Programs

Everyone loves a good deal. Whether it’s a sale at their favorite boutique, a coupon for a delicious meal, or an entertainment freebie, getting something for less is always a good thing. For employers looking to recruit talented staff, incentivize current employees, and save money on employee benefits, employee discount programs are a simple way to meet  goals by offering the one thing that no one can refuse: a great price for the products and services they want and need.


Employee discount programs range from discounts at local restaurants and on cellular phone plans to concierge services and travel savings. In our competitive marketplace, knowing the trends in employee discount programs is beneficial to employees who are looking for new opportunities and to employers who are trying to maintain and grow their talent pool. Here are some of the trends in employee discount programs:


  1. Travel discounts on airfare, hotels, cruises and rental cars—These may be more common in the travel industry, but they are also perks for those whose jobs require  travel. Racking up those miles and hotel stays can pay off come vacation time.
  2. Reduced theme park ticket prices—These are particularly popular for businesses located near theme parks, like those in central Florida. Employees in these areas are more likely to visit parks on the weekends and will certainly appreciate a price break.
  3. Restaurant and dining discounts—The basics of any good employee discount program is a wide range of dining discounts from small restaurants for lunch near the office to fine dining and family restaurants. 
  4. Entertainment discounts—Movie theaters, sporting events, and live performances are all popular items included in any well-rounded employee discount program.
  5. Discounts on services—Cellular phone plans and automotive services are two examples of services frequently needed by employees that are often included in discount programs.
  6. Trade agreements with other companies for service or product discounts—Small or local businesses find success in trading discounts with other companies. For example, a lawn maintenance company might offer a 10 percent discount trade to a housecleaning company so employees of each company will have access to reduced price services from the trading partner.
  7. Concierge services like dry cleaning pickup or mobile carwash—These are great ways to save employees time and money, and to keep them at the office instead of running personal errands.
  8. Spa services—Onsite services or price reductions help employees look and feel good. If the services are brought on-site, employees save time and are in the office more.
  9. Retail discounts—Coupons and price breaks at national or local retailers help employees dress well for the office and buy the things they need at more reasonable prices.
  10. Health and wellness discounts—Gym discounts, on-site fitness classes, and price breaks on nutrition consults are just a few ways that employee discount programs help participants stay healthy and fit.
If you’re an employee, check with your human resources department to see what discount programs are available to you. Often new discounts are implemented when an employee asks about them; so, if there’s something you want to see added to your program, be proactive and ask. 
Employers who want to develop their program can check out companies that offer discount packages to enrolled members. 
Just as there is strength in numbers, there are also greater discounts in numbers. Make sure to take advantage of the collective purchasing power of your company by participating in an employee discount program.

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