Get preventive support with a Health Coach

Your employers’ wellness program likely offers you access to a Health Coach, someone who is trained to help you reach your health and wellness goals. You may be apprehensive about using this resource if you’re not familiar with what a health coach will do, what will be covered during your appointment, and what the outcome may be.


In order to put yourself at ease, think of a health coach as you would any other coach. Their job is to provide information, guidance, and the benefit of their own professional training and experience for the purpose of helping you identify, address, assess, and focus on specific areas of your health.


You might also think of a health coach as one part of a preventative health care plan; however, health coaches are trained to assist with prospective care. That is, they are skilled at identifying potential health concerns—those that may develop down the road as a result of current habits or medical history—and they are equipped to educate you about how to circumvent these potential health problems through a solution orientated approach. 


Ultimately, preventative and prospective care go hand in hand as one is a more general approach to overall healthy living and the other targets potential issues and actively works to avoid them. When you’re ready to enlist a health coach to help you determine what preventative and prospective approaches are right for you, you can expect your appointment to go like this:


First, your health coach will interview you. He or she will ask about your medical history, current lifestyle, habits, likes and dislikes. The health coach will address any ambivalence you have about your health or habits and assess your behaviors as you work together to determine your best health plan. The process will focus on solutions and possibilities rather than on problems or anything that you may do “wrong.” 


Remember, your health coach is there, like any other coach, to impart skills and knowledge and then cheer you on as you learn and progress toward your goal of optimum health. Check with your human resources department today to see if a health coach is part of your employer’s wellness program, and get on track to better health.


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