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Feed Your Mind and Spirit

There’s plenty happening around us to tax our spirit. Local news reports daily sad stories of misfortune as national news shares the scope of our struggling economy. We drive out of our own neighborhoods past foreclosure or for sale signs, turn the corner to view empty storefronts or going out of business signs. We stop at the gas pump to shell out more cash per gallon as usual and if that isn’t enough bleakness for one day, some people later arrive at their jobs with the looming threat of layoffs on the horizon. No fun at all.

So how is it that she’s smiling over there or he’s laughing or they’re still celebrating? How is it that people continue to function just fine in the midst of struggle and hard times? It must be the nature of our human spirit. We all understand the situations we face, but we are also aware of how much we can control. It’s because of our human spirit that we adapt. We’re flexible. We don’t break. We survive.

So if this is living, what can we do to do make ourselves feel better? Let’s start with feeding our mind and spirit. Here are some things you can do to help uplift you during trying times:

  • Find things that inspire you. Whether it inspires your creativity, your humanity, your sense of nurturing – whatever it is, get inspired.
  • Donate to someone less fortunate. Whether it’s clothes you’ve outgrown or no longer wear, there’s someone who will show off your tired outfits like they’re brand new.
  • Do something good-natured for someone else. As much as the expression, “pay-it-forward,” is a bit too sappy an expression to utter for some people, performing kind gestures do as much for us as they do others.
  • Keep setting goals to accomplish. Having plans that add to the quality of our lives sparks hope. Dream a little more.
  • Go for a walk in a park or somewhere scenic. Restful surroundings help you mentally escape from the stress of completing routine tasks.

The Benefits of Meditation

Stress can lead to debilitating health problems, but there are simple, effective ways to deal with it. Many health care practitioners are recommending meditation as a way to lower stress level, control blood pressure and manage other health issues. Research suggests that meditation can help control such diverse conditions as:


  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Sleep problems
  • Substance abuse

Meditation can also help one’s emotional and mental well-being. People who suffer from anxiety disorders and depression have also found benefits from regular meditation sessions.


What is Meditation?


In the simplest terms, meditation is a way to focus your attention in order to focus your thoughts and feelings in a positive way. This results in a state of calmness, physical relaxation and psychological balance.


There are several different types of meditation. However, they all tend to follow some basic concepts, which are:


  • A quiet location to practice
  • A comfortable posture
  • A focusing of attention
  • An open mind

You may feel awkward at first, but there is no wrong way to meditate. Just think of it this way: if you feel better afterwards, you’re doing it right.


If you want to know more about meditation, visit the links below or contact a local meditation center. You can also speak with your health care provider.


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