National Employee Benefits Day 2016

National Employee Benefits Day is April 4, 2016. 


The International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEB) founded the observance. The Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to gathering independent global information on employee benefits. The observance provides an opportunity to recognize HR administrators, risk managers, coordinators and specialists in the benefits industry for their hard work. The dedication of benefits professionals to providing quality benefits plays an important part in your employees’ well-being, which is directly related to reducing healthcare cost. 


Organizations are considering ways to reduce healthcare costs by implementing wellness initiatives and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices among their employees. National Employee Benefits Day provides an opportunity for a tie-in with your education and wellness efforts. Consider conducting employee events like on-site health fairs and health education seminars during the month of April.


Below are some additional ideas for National Employee Benefits Day: 


1. Host a retirement planning workshop 

2. Host a lunch-and-learn

3. Schedule a benefits question and answer session

4. Host biometric screenings in communal spaces at your office 

5. Invite a guest speaker to discuss specifics on retirement offerings for your organization

6. Start an employee recognition program 

7. Give employees a detailed statement of the value of their benefits 

8. Send mass emails to communicate benefits information 


National Employee Benefits Day 2016 Promotional Materials



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