Nutrition and Weight Management

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A Simplified Approach to Proper Nutrition

Whenever we overindulge during meals, we tend to wince later as we reflect on the amount of calories, carbohydrates and fat we packed into our bodies. It can be very difficult to resist our temptation to devour tasty meals or goodies, especially after we’ve worked up an appetite. And if you’re one to never pass on dessert or unhealthy snacks, then you may be all too familiar with what excess weight around your midsection looks and feels like, not to mention what the overconsumption of empty calories on a regular basis does to your health.

You may think that taking control of your diet and nutrition is too much of a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be if you simplify the way you think about proper nutrition.


  1. Change is change. Realize that even small change is good. Don’t beat yourself up whenever you relapse with unhealthy eating. Just keep going.
  2. Try picking out a new vegetable, or other healthy produce or item and make it a staple in every grocery trip throughout the year.
  3. Consider replacing a few full sugar items with low sugar alternatives, such as: coffee creamers, jellies, jams and switch to zero carbohydrate sodas. Cutting your sugar intake or fat intake on items that don’t have much impact on your palette will support your healthy eating initiative without feeling deprived. 
  4. Evaluate your plate! Try decreasing the portion size of the more fattening foods on your plate and increasing the portion size of healthy foods. A little goes a long way over time.

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Your Action Steps to Weight Loss

Does the idea of weight loss feel daunting and unachievable? Whatever the reason is behind your desire to lose weight, know that you aren’t alone. Many people struggle with maintaining their ideal weight in proportion to their body size and frame. If you had a recent body mass index (BMI) health screening, you may have been told what your BMI number should be versus what it actually is and thought to yourself, “Really? That can’t be right.”


For those of us who could stand to lose a few pounds, several pounds or more, keep in mind that obesity in our country is a dilemma regardless of your age or where you live. Head to the marketplace and you’ll oftentimes find that the number of people who DO NOT look like magazine cover models far outnumber those who potentially do. With that said, let’s set our sights on changing this increasing norm.


First course of action -


Give yourself a true evaluation. On a scale of one to ten with ten being ideal nutrition and healthy living, determine your levels of good nutrition and daily physical activity. Are you tipping the scale toward poor food choices and lack of exercise everyday? Or are you slightly leaning the scale toward good health and well-being?  Be honest with yourself.  Know your own true number.


Second course of action –


Based on your self-evaluation, consider how the things you choose to eat everyday tips your imaginary scale one direction or the other. Ask yourself, “Will the majority of this meal help me reach my weight loss goal?” Really look at the value of what you’re eating and subtract and add foods to help you achieve your balance.


Third course of action –


Choose to move your body more throughout the day. Just increasing the amount of your movement will have a long-term impact on your general good health because with every motion, you burn calories. The more you move your body, the more you burn. Consider how you can increase your activity throughout the day. Whether your increased activity ranges from getting up and walking around more to participating in regular high impact cardio or strength training; anything you do to increase your body’s movement on a daily basis will help tip your scale in the right direction.


Being self aware of the food choices you make as well as the level of physical activity you actually get on a daily basis are the first true steps toward change. Make some adjustments and keep moving!


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